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We're not just a camp, we're an educational movement spanning the globe.

Financial literacy and entrepreneurial education are critical in the upbringing of every child, yet so many youth are denied the opportunity to learn about these subjects. Skybound Youth seeks to fill this gap. Through interactive activities and projects, we guide our students to becoming financial experts and entrepreneurs, opening up doors to them for the rest of their lives.

Camp Testimonials

"[My child] had a wonderful time and didn't view it as 'work.' He was thrilled with the final pitch deck and was excited to present it to his family afterward. He liked how he could work on the project with freedom and creativity, but also while getting guidance where he needed it. He also loved the compliments and encouragement from the instructors! Thank you and great work!!!!"
Lauren S,
"The camp was well organized and the leaders were thoroughly prepared in the material. The teaching was engaging and informative. Every aspect of starting a new business was covered. My kid loved it."
Jasmine T,
"Just wanted to let you know that [my child], who attended your camp this week (his group made the 3D printer business) really enjoyed the camp and always came off Zoom excited and wanting to show us what he had done. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the program."
Ibet S,

What We Offer

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Live Camps

Our flagship entrepreneurship and personal finance camps teach a wide range of professional skills through a unique and interactive experience.

Online Resources

We've created a massive online library to help you get familiar with all things business and personal finance.

How the Camp Works

Over the course of two days, we teach core entrepreneurial concepts while giving your child the chance to build and pitch a mock company.

Campers will be taught the core aspects and branches of a company, enabling them to then create their own business plan.

In groups, campers will brainstorm and discuss business ideas and choose one to develop as a team.

Teams will spend time planning their business and creating a pitch deck for it, which will then be presented at the end of the program in a Shark Tank-style pitch.


How the Camp Works

Over the course of a week, we provide a comprehensive business and finance education while giving your child the chance to build and pitch a mock company.

Dr. John Smith — Founder & CEO.

Throughout the program, campers will work in groups to design a real-world business. At the end of the week, they’ll get a chance to show it off in a Shark Tank-style pitch.

Through gamified and engaging activities, we teach financial literacy and business topics to help you in personal finance, in jobs, in life, and beyond.

Our camps are completely free to attend and are conducted either in-person or via Zoom, depending on your situation.

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